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ID 766659

Dale Anderson

DB/DW/BI Architect with extensive systems/application design/development experience.

ID 872928

Atharva Puranik

Master's student at Sacramento State University, California 

ID 622521

Jade Tran

ID 564049

Josh Edson

Experienced iOS developer with 5 App Store published products, as well as 2 enterprise applications.

ID 403003

Mauricio Guzman

Aspiring Data Monkey.

ID 771455

Shawn Maxim

I bring real world skills and a fresh degree with a focus on information assurance and security. I'm ready to code up solutions and secure the infrastructure.

ID 819808

Aleksey Gladysh

Built Hypernova Design Studio, a small web design company in Roseville, CA. Built Yanteres (classifieds website) and E Doxstorage (document management system).

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