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ID 614669

Jack Christopher Baker

Google Hall of Fame penetration tester, programmer

ID 404977

Christian Bundy

Co-Founder @shopgab • Worked at @sprint, @pureadds

ID 249179


- BTech in ECE - Research at MIT - Invited by NASA to present in Houston from India - Worked in startup(solar), mid cap(healthcare IT) and MNC(software for IBM)

ID 137595

Thomas Amsler

Android, Node.js, MongoDB, JavaScript, Java, GWT, Spring, Hibernate, REST,

ID 218310

Andy Ford

Front-end dev/designer who loves designing & building web apps. Worked in agencies, agile teams, & product-focused startups. Built CMSs, products & OSS.

ID 132100

Antonio Giorlando

Former Lead/First Engineer and Hacker @brit-co-2 - A jack of all trades, who loves to hack away

ID 134555

Taylor Amarel

Former Student with technical and business experience. Founded @amarel-solutions-llc and Modelyst, 3DPrintingModel and Swably.

ID 100037

Robert Long

Founder/CTO at CS student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

ID 473724

Tracy King

Strong start-up background. Received Chegg Eggstra Credit Award for Outstanding Work Ethic & Service. Junior Front-End Web Developer.

ID 36817

Nguyen "Glenn" Chu

User-focused Sr Web Engineer at @crunchyroll, @merchant-atlas, @petz-enterprises-inc • BS Computer Science at University of Arizona

ID 492161

Ram Narayanan

Michigan PhD., Algorithm Dev, Medical Devices

ID 120249

Huxley Seidman

Strong Java and Objective-C software developer. Experience as an Air Force Officer, Technology Consultant, and Software Engineer for two start-ups.

ID 11752

Cherie Williams

Co-founder @Theta Hat, PM/Engineer @autonomy, Founder @ucd-darpa-grand-challenge-team

ID 272229

Zaki Qayoumi

Ads Quality Rater @google via @zerochaos Previously: Content Data Analyst @alldata • Canada Admin @bmw FS • @ohio-state-university Alum. #French

ID 260369

Prince Emmanuel

Founder @smart-skin-zone-inc; @quantum Engineering. Worked @SynGen Inc.; ThermoGenesis. Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering & Control Systems; M. Tech & B. Tech.

ID 380320

Lars Vinberg

CTO, co-founder, tech strategist, team lead, hands-on, PM, UX designer - social, mobile, cloud, computational imaging, enterprise software - CS, EE, MBA.

ID 439860

Kyle Grove

Cornell Statistical NLP and Machine Learning Practitioner, Architect of Advanced Generative and Discriminative Machine Learning Systems

ID 656176

jasanpreet singh

An Engineer at heart with an Entrepreneurial mindset with experience in product design and development, control systems, embedded systems, and web development.

ID 78361

Eric Iffland

UI/UX designer + front-end developer.

ID 455785

Illahi Khan

Full-stack developer. UC Davis Computer Science.

ID 204360

Christopher Page

Studied at @university-of-arizona BS in molecular biology, @university-of-california-irvine MBA, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. Partner at North Valley Orthopaedic and Hand Surgery. Podiatric trauma and reconstruction. Special interest in external fixation

ID 176766

Jeff Davis

Founder, Designer/ Developer @guidepost. Founding Partner, Creative Director @branded-ux. Consultant @general-motors, @youtube. Previously @huge, @ibm & @intel.

ID 707776

Kevin Stone

Embedded/DSP aerospace payload software engineer

ID 317339

Viraj Parikh

Strong knowledge and Understanding of TCP/IP stack •Experience in analyzing and testing L2/L3 protocol •Good understanding of network protocols, network devices

ID 377515

Patrick Humpal

DevOps Engineer and hacker

ID 471394

Ian Kyle

Clinical data manager and statistician at UC Davis Medical Center

ID 703650

James Andrew Casey-Clyde

UC Davis Physics, Astrophysics emphasis with solid programming capabilities.

ID 331352

Ashish Verma

Founder @reech; Entrepreneur and Inventor. Always adapting & constantly tinkering. Life hacker.

ID 207029



ID 533501

Jesjit Birak

USC CSBA; Full stack generalist; Worked at Intel and Care Innovations

ID 206790

David Guaraglia

Founder @onetosocial, @spresti • Worked at @swoop-mobile, @law-staff-online • Studied at @universidad-nacional-de-la-plata

ID 716049

Jason Narine

USF CS 2014; Fluent in Java, Python, and C; Competent in Objective-C and SQL;

ID 622521

Jade Tran

ID 267206

Yann Ramin

Deep systems and distributed systems; end to end architecture and product successes from sensor networks to real-time time-series data warehouses

ID 637233

Matthew Ito

ID 642434

Kodie Goodwin

Intel SSD Firmware Validation. DIY weekend warrior. Maker. Hardware enthusiast. Innovator. Initiator.

ID 535256

Jed Whitten

web developer

ID 274518

Pardis Afshar

UC Davis, NPB, UCD Financial aid office

ID 711221

Joseph Vandiver

Founder @ Kalifornia Software Solutiions

ID 493174

Steven Choo

I am a student of life. I strive to constantly learn until the day I perish from this Earth. Knowledge is too great to ever give up learning

ID 116063



ID 571111

Matthew Kolker

Hard working, proven leader with extensive technical training and aptitude; leadership developed during three deployments with the US Army

ID 766659

Dale Anderson

DB/DW/BI Architect with extensive systems/application design/development experience.

ID 221560

Matt Feblowitz

CS from Cal Poly Pomona, QA intern

ID 203083

Jim McGinn

Founder Socratic • Studied at @california-state-university-northridge

ID 319542

Marty Lewis

Professional and hobbyist programmer; strong technical, algorithm, language, and framework skills. Not stopped by challenges: Fast learner, excellent Google-fu.

ID 620335

Michael Kozono

Rails developer trained on full stack at @manilla • Studied at @california-polytechnic-state-university-san-luis-obispo

ID 661489

Anthony Leveriza

I am a 2014 college graduate from San Francisco State University, looking for my first professional IT job.

ID 459999

James Curtis

Remote Services Technician at, doing Technical support for Comcast Internet Service, excelent problem solving skills.

ID 593316

Elias Eldabbagh


Unhindered Innovator and Empathetic Pioneer -- Worked at @best-buy, @the-geek-squad • Studied at @california-state-university-sacramento.

ID 254891

Joseph Walter

BSEE from University of Utah, Musician, Founder Harmonic Processes • Worked for @rockwell-collins radio and @grass-valley-1 video.

ID 561951

Vipin Batchu

CSU Sacramento- MS in CS || Application development (web & Android/Windows) || Desktop applications || good understanding of the CS concepts || passionate

ID 451290

Bobby Cronkhite

#1 App Store (photography), 4 Million downloads, launched 20 iOS apps with 150 updates, mobile design expert.

ID 771455

Shawn Maxim

I bring real world skills and a fresh degree with a focus on information assurance and security. I'm ready to code up solutions and secure the infrastructure.

ID 517039

Abdul-Rasheed Bustamam

Vice President of Prestigious Public Speaking Group. Tech Enthusiast. Excellent communicator.

ID 639541

Andres RIco

ID 551903

Jaya Mukherjee

Grad student at Sacramento State; Computer Science & Engineering; Worked at IBM

ID 204717

Joshua Morris

Works at @trion-worlds, worked at @university-of-california-davis • Studied at @sierra-college College

ID 299877

Nicholas Peterson

Founding iOS Engineer @onetosocial

ID 234569

Alexander Kobelev

Currently Head of Product Development & Design; Past: worked @playground, @online-safety-technologies; advised @murano & @datasite; studied @Far East Tech Uni

ID 436750

Dustin Boling

Founder @dustin-boling-associates, a creative agency.

ID 426773

Allene Lewis

Self taught, small tech business owner from California.

ID 618991

Carlos Rivera

CPO, Head of Product Design & Front-End @fora-3 | Previous: Product Development @CuriousEntity

ID 76875

Mike Machado

Technologist with diverse history working on open source software, embedded linux, service delivery platforms and enterprise software.

ID 424896

Joseph Burchett

Founder @pummel-head • Studied at @itt-technical-institute, currently working as a mobile game developer at a video game startup.

ID 745241

Eugene Lebardin

Started and ran multiple online companies starting from high school till recent. Well rounded generalist with extensive self motivated studying.

ID 427729

Kyle Lum

Full stack generalist , Entrepreneur

ID 819808

Aleksey Gladysh

Built Hypernova Design Studio, a small web design company in Roseville, CA. Built Yanteres (classifieds website) and E Doxstorage (document management system).

ID 872928

Atharva Puranik

Master's student at Sacramento State University, California 

ID 360620

Navdeep Dhaliwal

aspiring Software Developer

ID 787554

Justin R. Merwin

AS in Computer Science; Entrepreneur; Social Media Marketing; Mobile Developer.

ID 749061

Tucker Bird

Self motivated innovator and quick learner; Developer at Fortune 500 Company; Strong business background; Passion to make startups excel

ID 153061

Stefano Marotta

Worked at @aorta-mobi, @nuts-ideias

ID 738889

Andy Axton

ID 755642

Dhivya Roopa Ravi

ID 590849

Nickson Ariemba

Founder Pixeplus • Studied at @sacramento-city-college. Co founded as a high school sophomore.

ID 473476

Adonis Villanueva

MIS Graduate, Database and Web Developer, Web and Database Architect.

ID 81023

Jason Kirst

UX Specialist and Drupal Developer. Over 13 years of experience with Enterprise Web Apps. Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, Cendant, Cartus, Agistix.

ID 564049

Josh Edson

Experienced iOS developer with 5 App Store published products, as well as 2 enterprise applications.

ID 460942

Eugene Ross

Founder @kevguard • Worked at @5-lines-creative

ID 508522

Chris Floyd

I make stuff

ID 313048

Tom Johnson


Principal Engineer @brightcove; Worked at @akamai, @cisco, @internap, @ign-entertainment. Architect of original @youtube Live player. Advisor for @mixxture.

ID 662823

Bill Greenhaw

13+ years experience with Let me help you manage your CRM or launch your new product

ID 245777


Dragged 2 agencies into testing-land. Built a successful billing application nearly single-handed.

ID 149855

James Petersen

Worked at @sibling-systems, @equity-investment-management-trading-inc

ID 411536

Matthew Clemens

CSU Sacramento CS.

ID 182810

Kevin Martin

Starter League Alumni, Freelance Web Dev, Former JS Front End Developer for Cyber Operations.

ID 98938

Aaron Peterson

Founder, Gangframe. 15 years of web development/hacking/mobile. From mom n' pop to Ford Motor Co...from ATMega to Macbook.

ID 446475

Joeseph Rodrigues

Current CS student with quite a bit of experience. Worked for two startups writing embedded software and proof of concept android development.

ID 90062

Justin S Powers

Web Developer and System Architect. Works with startups to create new and exciting systems using Ruby on Rails.

ID 208708

John Locke

Front end developer and web designer, content creator and strategist, student of life. The right questions are more important than the right answers.

ID 392711

Jack Murray

Full stack Generalists, Write Business Plans, Sell Ideas, Design Product, Architect Software, Get it Done, Get it Working, Get it Sold

ID 485808

Abhijit Desale

Actively looking for a full-time opportunity in computer software

ID 474540

Chadwick Kirby

Intrinsically motivated self-taught self-starter. No fancy ivy league degree. Lead developer on production three-tier ASP.NET application.

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