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ID 417298

Kay Kelison

Currently at @groupon, also an artist, visionary, passionate about mobile, art, technology

ID 78344

Gina Lujan

Founder @hacker-lab, @hackercare I am a community evangelist and problem solver. My mission in life is to support the wonderful world of hackers.

ID 373573

Aaron Robbins

Writer, Illustrator, App Developer, Podcaster and Churro Aficionado.

ID 35665

Nekesha Bell

Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor,Grant Writer,Revolutionist,Holistic Inventor,International Radio Show on Blog Talk,Writer,Consultant,Researcher,Singer &Dancer!

ID 593316

Elias Eldabbagh


Unhindered Innovator and Empathetic Pioneer -- Worked at @best-buy, @the-geek-squad • Studied at @california-state-university-sacramento.

ID 32034

Ian Westberg

Founder of @dla-piper-s-venture-pipeline-group. Have been helping start-ups raise capital for 10+ years.

ID 409331

Patrick Maloney

Currently with Startup Grind Founded Entreprenoma @sonoma-state-university University. Extensive Higher Education and Strategic Partnerships experience.

ID 84493

Mark Otero


Founder/CEO of @klicknation (acquired by @electronic-arts in Dec. 2011), GM @electronic-arts. Free-to-play background. @uc-davis MBA 2007.

ID 424896

Joseph Burchett

Founder @pummel-head • Studied at @itt-technical-institute, currently working as a mobile game developer at a video game startup.

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