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ID 30506

Jason Fabbri

CEO/Founder 19Pencils. Worked at Adobe and various startups. Striving to improve education and helping teachers around the world.

ID 371155

Todd Coulter

CEO EyeBuy, Naval Officer, Deep level knowledge and experience in mobile wallet, m-payments, m-offers and brand/merchant engagement. Always focused on end game.

ID 167121

Kamrin Klauschie

@angelhack Global Marketing & Community Manager, @tedxucirvine Co-Founder. @SemesterAtSea Alum. Expect world travel, entrepreneurship, events, & fun.

ID 45798

Dave DeMink


Current: RVP, Sales - North America at @ringcentral. 12 years SMB Sales/Marketing experience - Loudcloud, WebEx, SuccessFactors, @ringcentral

ID 3882

Ashwin Navin


Entrepreneur, Investor, Operator and Deal Maker. Founder @io, @samba-tv @bittorrent • Worked at @yahoo

ID 18682

Giri Addanki

Founder @mindful-meal; Worked at @citigroup @cisco @capital-one @ernst-and-young @morgan Stanley @Springleaf Financial Services; MBA and Chartered Accountant

ID 279608

Christopher Smitley


Founder of 2 internet marketing companies, angel investor of and long-time serial entrepreneur.

ID 134555

Taylor Amarel

Former Student with technical and business experience. Founded @amarel-solutions-llc and Modelyst, 3DPrintingModel and Swably.

ID 230338

Adam Hooper

Founder RealCrowd • Founded 3 national real estate platforms • $1B of real estate equity experience •Studied at @pennsylvania-state-university

ID 500251

Praveen Yasarapu

Founder @reech • Worked at @intel • Studied at @wharton-school-of-business

ID 44155

Mike Suechting

Founded @folsom-cycle-and-atv. 10+ years in business development and marketing. Critical Thinker and innovator. I am constantly thinking outside the box. CSUS

ID 162993

Marilyn R. Griffin

Founder of @BabyProFinder a directory connecting parents & hopefuls to fertility, pregnancy, baby pros.

ID 61775

Geof Lambert

Entrepreneur (social & serial), IPv6 Evangelist & Pioneer, Chef, Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Connecting Dots

ID 35144

Marat R. Ibragimov

Co-founder and CFO @modera; Enthusiastic entrepreneur @webline-group; Studied BIS at @university-of-westminster-uk

ID 137307

Josh Rolph

CEO of Paleoflow. Author. Father. Writer. Rhymer. Introducing "flowit" as the next social verb.

ID 18388

Scott Sambucci

VP Sales & Customer Success @ Blend. Speaker, Educator & Author. I like Quora:

ID 103818

Garrett Marchesano

Founder/CEO of ( Business Development. Marketing. Social Media. Connecting online & offline.

ID 78344

Gina Lujan

Founder @hacker-lab, @hackercare I am a community evangelist and problem solver. My mission in life is to support the wonderful world of hackers.

ID 195004

Shane Barker

VP of Marketing @modera, Founder @creatine-marketing, Co-founder of USLA built from 0-25M in two years, Writer @killerstartups, @OnlyWire, Featured on @HuffingtonPost & Scientific American Mind

ID 56501

David Ranallo

CEO of Azoti - Bringing the farm closer to home

ID 160549

David Chao


@cisco Systems, @webex, Silicon Energy now @itron Inc, i2 Technologies now JDA Software, Cybersource now VISA, @morgan Stanley

ID 122010

Nathan Wieler

Serial entrepreneur. Founder/CEO Zoom Culture (Pre-cursor to YouTube), Original Projects, Wieler (Dwell Home, Greenbelt), Co-founder Tripstr. BS ChE. Skier.

ID 506358

Clay Han

Worked at @uc-davis, @california-department-of-justice • Studied at @university-of-california-davis

ID 24206

Alexander Lowe

CEO of iSnap. Strong in product vision. CTO of @webraiser-technologies; acquired by Flextronics, Intl.

ID 289460

Sonja J Harris

Founder @ Parch'd, MBA and International winemaker

ID 376572

Michael Luchini

Founder @glove-box-inc • Worked at @carmax • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 351886

George S. Mayweather

I founded and patented a system for pouring dental impressions. I am a practicing orthodontist.

ID 58507

Alfonso Aramburo

Design Engineer. Founder of Publicity Startup. Master in Marketing and Technologies Management. Play guitar and Sing. Sports.

ID 416651

Matthew Bell

Founder Rager • Worked at @mavric-media • Studied at @university-of-california-davis

ID 409331

Patrick Maloney

Currently with Startup Grind Founded Entreprenoma @sonoma-state-university University. Extensive Higher Education and Strategic Partnerships experience.

ID 36588

James Helms

Co-founder @onyxtek Inc. Co-Founder Ideal Wait Founder @rate-my-neighborhood.

ID 260369

Prince Emmanuel

Founder @smart-skin-zone-inc; @quantum Engineering. Worked @SynGen Inc.; ThermoGenesis. Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering & Control Systems; M. Tech & B. Tech.

ID 143064

Mark Breunig

Founder Zymlogic • Worked at @cabledata, @performance-retail

ID 39584

Bryan Barton

Founder of @donortube

ID 803990

Kyle Vandagriff

Student at San Francisco State University  Employee at Momentum Ideas

ID 333016

Joshua Freedman

Founder @cabbygo, and a bunch of other private projects•, Pitt grad. 3rd Best Broker in the Nation 2004

ID 53915

Trevor Cutrer

Sr. Enterprise Architect, Sr. Solutions Alchemist.

ID 449238

IDental App

ID 354367

R.T. Gibbs

Founder @6c-rock-candy. Touring musician since the age of 12. Strong management, production and consulting background. (RGBB LLC, Crispin Thump)

ID 64940

V. Kaura

Founder and President of @indianpages. Founder and Manager at @vmg-designs. 16+ years of entrepreneurial experience.

ID 109775

Ryan Moore

ID 86118

Greg Lutton

Successful Producer/Project Manager with 15 years of film, TV, and video game development working with such companies as Electronic Arts, Sony, ABC Family.

ID 421932

Kris Callis-Duehl

Founder @budding-biologist • Post-Doc at @university-of-california-irvine-1 • PhD at @university-of-florida, MS at @north-carolina-state-university

ID 331352

Ashish Verma

Founder @reech; Entrepreneur and Inventor. Always adapting & constantly tinkering. Life hacker.

ID 413348

Gregg Garcia

Founder Reevo Inc (Reevo Radio) • Worked at @abc-radio, @clear-channel-radio

ID 504922

Rapheal Pollard

Founder VirginGlamHair Rocklin,CA (832)921-0120 Successfully generated $350,000 of sales within the company since early 2012. 23 yrs, teachable seeking mentor

ID 79720

Joseph Burchett

Contract web and indie game developer. Also CEO and founder of a gaming portal focused on turning web and mobile games into a competitive sport.

ID 129506

Keith Mallonee

CEO of @qreative-solutions, 1st startup, worked at USMC

ID 490301

Benjamins Shoe Corp.

Founder Benjamins Shoe Corp.

ID 226398

Anthony Gibson

Designer, Entrepreneur, Aspiring Role Model

ID 375800

Jonathan Martis

Founder & CEO of UpgradeSwap • Worked at @state-of-california • Studied at @california-state-university-sacramento

ID 222237

Riley Lehman

Administrative Resident @ Sutter Physician Services Bachelors in Biology; Masters in Health Administration

ID 417298

Kay Kelison

Currently at @groupon, also an artist, visionary, passionate about mobile, art, technology

ID 216272

Seth Peterson

I've spent most of my career in finance until co-founding All You Can Arcade. I've also spent time working in the legal and accounting industries.

ID 155172

Leyland Jacob Elia

Start-up @snippetapp | Co-founder @broadacrecoffee | Project Management @feeltheboo.

ID 119090

Your Next Career Choice is in the Bag!

ID 98938

Aaron Peterson

Founder, Gangframe. 15 years of web development/hacking/mobile. From mom n' pop to Ford Motor Co...from ATMega to Macbook.

ID 387483

Michael Purnell

Co-Founder @sievent • Worked at @intel • Studied Computer Science and Entreprenurship at @north-carolina-a-t-state-university

ID 41289

Harry Laswell

ID 76875

Mike Machado

Technologist with diverse history working on open source software, embedded linux, service delivery platforms and enterprise software.

ID 74875

Bob Hart

Inventor / CEO of patent pending @ig-pak; BSCE UC Davis; MBA @golden-gate-university University: Longtime Business owner; Project Manager.

ID 138781

Jesse Graham

Strategy + UI/UX.

ID 593316

Elias Eldabbagh


Unhindered Innovator and Empathetic Pioneer -- Worked at @best-buy, @the-geek-squad • Studied at @california-state-university-sacramento.

ID 140423

Bob Afamasaga

Founder @24dna • Studied at @central-michigan-university

ID 460942

Eugene Ross

Founder @kevguard • Worked at @5-lines-creative

ID 254891

Joseph Walter

BSEE from University of Utah, Musician, Founder Harmonic Processes • Worked for @rockwell-collins radio and @grass-valley-1 video.

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