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ID 319542

Marty Lewis

Professional and hobbyist programmer; strong technical, algorithm, language, and framework skills. Not stopped by challenges: Fast learner, excellent Google-fu.

ID 176766

Jeff Davis

Founder, Designer/ Developer @guidepost. Founding Partner, Creative Director @branded-ux. Consultant @general-motors, @youtube. Previously @huge, @ibm & @intel.

ID 138781

Jesse Graham

Strategy + UI/UX.

ID 593316

Elias Eldabbagh


Unhindered Innovator and Empathetic Pioneer -- Worked at @best-buy, @the-geek-squad • Studied at @california-state-university-sacramento.

ID 137307

Josh Rolph

CEO of Paleoflow. Author. Father. Writer. Rhymer. Introducing "flowit" as the next social verb.

ID 51012

Dave Keller

UI/UX Designer for imo . Leading the Android and iOS design. Formally UI/UX Designer for Pogoseat.

ID 218310

Andy Ford

Front-end dev/designer who loves designing & building web apps. Worked in agencies, agile teams, & product-focused startups. Built CMSs, products & OSS.

ID 78361

Eric Iffland

UI/UX designer + front-end developer.

ID 369507

Michael Kuhlmann

Created and marketed a set of designs that reached +100K downloads in 3 mo. Wrote a 150+ page book in 3 mo. Published in NYT. Designs for conversions.

ID 116063



ID 669168

Ricky DeWeese

Illustrator, Graphic Designer, and successful event promoter. Focused to make my passion for connecting with people and making art into a thriving career.

ID 404977

Christian Bundy

Co-Founder @shopgab • Worked at @sprint, @pureadds

ID 249179


- BTech in ECE - Research at MIT - Invited by NASA to present in Houston from India - Worked in startup(solar), mid cap(healthcare IT) and MNC(software for IBM)

ID 720120

Raymond Stone

UI/UX Designer. Current freelance designer at Former vector, pixel, and print pusher at various companies. UC Berkeley B.A. 2012.

ID 351250

Melody Stone

Creative problem solver, insufferable enthusiast, strategic designer.

ID 177928

Adam Dunford

ID 707795

Dave Puketza

Berkeley, Env. Design; Art director; UX, branding, marketing collaterals, photo, animation/effects, infographics; worked w/ Google, Starbucks, Amazon, Oprash

ID 126383

Mary Kuris

Product Designer: LexisNexis. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, prototyping, UX testing, visual design, presentation skills. I speak geek.

ID 254891

Joseph Walter

BSEE from University of Utah, Musician, Founder Harmonic Processes • Worked for @rockwell-collins radio and @grass-valley-1 video.

ID 274518

Pardis Afshar

UC Davis, NPB, UCD Financial aid office

ID 589503

Emily Schleiner

UI & UX plus Graphics Designer. Goal: make websites Responsive!

ID 64940

V. Kaura

Founder and President of @indianpages. Founder and Manager at @vmg-designs. 16+ years of entrepreneurial experience.

ID 78624

Lee Chazen

Educator /entrepreneur with strong communication, customer service, research, product development and social media skills. Now, co-curator for @tedx-sacramento.

ID 459999

James Curtis

Remote Services Technician at, doing Technical support for Comcast Internet Service, excelent problem solving skills.

ID 207029



ID 460942

Eugene Ross

Founder @kevguard • Worked at @5-lines-creative

ID 819808

Aleksey Gladysh

Built Hypernova Design Studio, a small web design company in Roseville, CA. Built Yanteres (classifieds website) and E Doxstorage (document management system).

ID 138359

Elizabeth Galindo-Roberts

Costume historical research. Clothing design, curating, archiving. Design for events, performing arts and exhibitions.

ID 84783

Barry Kunst

ID 746818

Ian Madrigal

ID 490301

Benjamins Shoe Corp.

Founder Benjamins Shoe Corp.

ID 551903

Jaya Mukherjee

Grad student at Sacramento State; Computer Science & Engineering; Worked at IBM

ID 81023

Jason Kirst

UX Specialist and Drupal Developer. Over 13 years of experience with Enterprise Web Apps. Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, Cendant, Cartus, Agistix.

ID 648769

Heidi Komlofske

Founder of GoLocalApps in 2010, 60 apps developed in 4 years, including one top 100 overall iTunes app.

ID 208708

John Locke

Front end developer and web designer, content creator and strategist, student of life. The right questions are more important than the right answers.

ID 609463

Kyle Hilton

Worked at @spinetti-machinery, @citizens-for-decency • Studied at @brigham-young-university-idaho-1

ID 883408

Adam Stoddard


ID 234568

Anvar Taishev

Now: VP of Creativity @modera; Past: co-founder of @dida-uz and @shift-it-solutions; Education: @Far East Tech University

ID 738865

Meritt Thomas

Founder Leaflr

ID 273787

Joha Harrison

CEO of Joha Harrison Photography Sent artwork to Nike at 12 years old B.S. Criminal Justice 2007

ID 561951

Vipin Batchu

CSU Sacramento- MS in CS || Application development (web & Android/Windows) || Desktop applications || good understanding of the CS concepts || passionate

ID 517039

Abdul-Rasheed Bustamam

Vice President of Prestigious Public Speaking Group. Tech Enthusiast. Excellent communicator.

ID 618991

Carlos Rivera

CPO, Head of Product Design & Front-End @fora-3 | Previous: Product Development @CuriousEntity

ID 469321

Jack Leng

Designer, animator, illustrator with an unconventional, experimental approach - wide range of skills from 3d modeling to front end framework development

ID 745241

Eugene Lebardin

Started and ran multiple online companies starting from high school till recent. Well rounded generalist with extensive self motivated studying.

ID 291070

William Montoya

William Montoya 15 years of outstanding customer service arts lover willing to prove his love working for crocker art gallery janitor work to cooking an peeping

ID 299877

Nicholas Peterson

Founding iOS Engineer @onetosocial

ID 226398

Anthony Gibson

Designer, Entrepreneur, Aspiring Role Model

ID 473476

Adonis Villanueva

MIS Graduate, Database and Web Developer, Web and Database Architect.

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